Updating Cases For Product Offerings

revisiting cases for products featured image

This post was going to be about revisiting product cases. But its not. Last April at Nationwide, we began renting the Marantz Pro Turret, its an all in one video, mic, and light kit for streaming. It’s a simple and easy to use product, but it has a definitely strange build for casing and shipping since everything is all in one column on the turret. When we designed the cases to ship these awesome, but unique shaped products, the challenge is the arm on the turret. We finally resolved to a removable custom cut foam insert to ensure the case would protect the product and secure it during shipping. See the images below:

The molded case used manufactured by Vault is the perfect size for the odd shaped turret. After some time this afternoon walking the warehouse, I watched the team working on another version of this case. At first I thought that we were revisiting the case and adding a new kit to our rental offerings. But it turns out that one of our clients liked the case and has some of the same gear, but, this client wanted to ship the Marantz Turret with a laptop so that their users would have a full kit. Nationwide thrives in supporting our clients. When we can help, we’re the first to step forward. Checkout the new design below. If we can help you with custom case needs, don’t hesitate to reach out, 800-935-8191 or sales@nationwidecase.com