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It all starts with your sales rep.  Once you discuss your needs with your sales rep, they will engage with our engineers to begin designing your custom case. During this process you may be asked to speak directly with the engineers to insure that every detail is discussed and accounted for in the final design.

Once the design is completed and approved, the work begins.

Our production team will use our CNC Machines to cut materials to meet all design specs and manufacture your cases to meet our quality and design requirements.

When the cases are completed our logistics team will contact you to determine where and how you would like your new cases shipped.

While we started by making cases to protect live events products and electronics, our facility can make cases for just about anything. If it is something that is of valuable to you, then we can probably build a case for it.
Yes. If you can dream it, we can build it! But we do need to talk about it. So it would be best to talk it through with your sales rep and the design engineers before we it is send to the build phase.
Lead time depends on several factors including materials, quantities, and the design phase, and are truly cases by case. We are more than capable of procuring specialty materials and can definitely handle larger quantity orders. We will be able to provide you with an accurate lead time once we dive into the specifications of your project.
Yes. We can custom cut foam for almost any retail molded case. Let your sales rep know what case and what product and we’ll work with you to get a quote created.

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