Built for Life on the Road.

Let’s get down to it – We build and use the baddest road cases around. Durable? You bet.  Lightweight? No extra Drayage fees here. Engineered by the people that use them daily.

Value Proposition

Why Choose Nationwide Case?

All of our efforts go into building cases that lead the field in protecting, storing and shipping your equipment. Custom cases designed to meet the specific needs of our clients.

What makes Nationwide Case better

It’s the little things!

Let’s face it, attention to detail is what separates the amateurs from the pros.  From the specific nuts and bolts chosen for the job, to strong and safer hinge options, to innovative caster plate designs that prolong the stability and life of the case.  We’ve lived through the failures of traditional ATA cases and redesigned until we made it right.

The Little Things

We Make Cases Right!

We learned to make a case that suits your needs and makes your job easier.  We removed barriers and added features and higher grade components wherever possible, to make a case that would add to your team’s efficiency.

“Truck Pack” dims available as well as custom fit for vans or cargo planes.

No matter what your needs and requirements, we get it because we live it.

Nationwide is known for our quality, you’ll see it and feel it with our case products.

~ Bret Tracey, President – Nationwide Video

Let’s get started

Let’s discuss your case needs. So we can protect your equipment.